Export Facebook comments for business.

Secure way to download your own Facebook Business Page comments as a .CSV file.

Download Anonymized Public Data

Facebook officially give you opportunity to reach anonymized public comments data of any public Facebook Page for brand competition data analytics purpose.

How it works?

After you logged in with Facebook securely, follow the three simple steps explained below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to export comments by Facebook Post?

Yes! You can download comments by selected Facebook post. Just login with facebook and select your page then you'll see the list of your Facebook page's posts in the middle of the screen. Click download button for selected Facebook post, you'll see that the download progress will start at right side of screen. Depends on the comments volume, your .csv file will be ready to download in seconds or minutes.

Can I download comments only for speficied Facebook Post(feed)?

Yes! As you can see at the how it works section, you'll need to select a FEED/POST to cr4eate .csv file.

Can I download all comments since page creation date?

Yes! You'll see a download all comments button after you select your Facebook page, downloading whole comments of your Facebook page is a paid service, you'll be redirected to pay $29 one time fee and then system going to start to aggregate whole comments for you. Please note that even if you create your Facebook page 10 years ago we can gather all comments and provide you a .csv file, date range does not matter for our tool.

Can I download comments from other Facebook pages which is not belong to me?

No! It's not legal by Facebook's terms of service. Please do not use the tools that provide you other page's comments for your Facebook account safety!

Is comment replies will be included?

Yes! Child comments also will be included automatically, it's also as know as sub comments or comment replies.

Is there any limitation?

There is no limitations, you can download unlimited comments anytime.

Can I download for free?

Yes! We've a free option to download comments.

Can I reach my .CSV files in the future?

You'll be able to see your generated .CSV files only for next 7 days from the date of generation. So, please download the files before 7-Days window.

What's the data columns in the .CSV file?

In the current version, you'll have DATE, FROM, COMMENT, FEED(url), PAGE(name), COMMENTID. If you think that you need any other options, please contact us through live-chat or email then we can talk about the details.

Do you have a service that I can receive .CSV file regularly every month automatically for my selected Facebook Pages?

We may set an automation for you with custom integration, please contact us through live-chat or email.