Easiest way to download your Facebook page comments.

Login with Facebook and select the pages that you want to download all comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download all comments since the first date the page created?

Yes, if you select "All time unlimited" from the select box, you can download all comments from the beginng of your selected Facebook page. Even if you have a million comments, system will provide you a download link.

What's the meaning of All time- Up to 500 comments (Free)?

it's basically a free option that you can download the last 500 comments that your page have received.

What's the meaning of Last 30 Days - unlimited comments?

The system only will provide you the comments your page have received in last 30 Days. In details, system will gather the Posts which has been published in last 30 days, and scan the all comments inside of these last 30 Facebook Post(feed) and will provide you a .CSV file. You may have 100k comments or 1k comments, there is no limitation at comment count, only limitation is the date range and it's last 30 days for this option.

Can I reach my .CSV files in the future?

You'll be able to see your generated .CSV files only for next 7 days from the date of generation. So, please download the files before 7-Days window.

Can I download comments only for speficied Facebook Post(feed)?

Currently, we do not have that option, if you really need this feature, please send a message through messenger live-chat from bottom right corder of the screen, we would love to have your feedback!

What's the data columns in the .CSV file?

In the current version, you'll have DATE, FROM, COMMENT, FEED(url), PAGE(name), COMMENTID. If you think that you need more options, please contact us through live-chat or email then we can talk about the details.

Do you have a service that I can receive .CSV file regularly every month automatically for my selected Facebook Pages?

We may set an automation for you with custom integration, please contact us thrpugh live-chat or email.